GA-CCRi Analytical Development Services

Room to Grow


Suppose you had the following:

  • real-time position information streaming in from varied sources for all the boats and planes in the world
  • imagery and video data sources from which you need to try to find those types of objects of interest
  • a cloud for processing and storage

You need to produce the best real-world estimate of the location of all the boats and planes as possible, fusing all of the available information into a single coherent picture. From that, you want to:

  • automatically detect anomalies and make predictions
  • integrate with third parties producing similar analytics
  • expose all the results in your own browser-based user interface that allows for live displays as well as digging through all that data

Which part of that problem would you like to work on? We do it all, and more. We’d love for you to join us.

At GA-CCRi, we:

  • value teamwork and collaboration
  • immerse ourselves in the data sources we get, and the problems our users are trying to solve with that data
  • love technology and making things work
  • push ourselves to do better, to do more, in a friendly, non-competitive environment

Anybody you bump into in the halls will be happy to hear about what you’re working on, and have great ideas to consider.

GA-CCRi’s headquarters are in beautiful central Virginia, near the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. About 80% of our approximately 150 employees are here. We’re close enough to many of our customers in the Northern Virginia area to support close interaction, but without the traffic. Charlottesville regularly ranks at the top of America’s best places to live, for its history and culture, its education and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Our work supports government and commercial customers. Due to the nature of it, much of this work is required to happen on-site. We’re proud to have worked with the U.S. Defense and Intelligence communities throughout our history, and to broaden our scope under the General Atomics banner.

We stand out from other contractors because we:

  • don’t hire to a specific contract, but hire for a career
  • have a notably more casual work environment than most contractors. Indeed, many of us are usually in shorts and a t-shirt, some without shoes
  • have a cereal bar among other provided snacks, and frequently enjoy lunch or after-work social hours at picnic tables outside
  • have generous retirement incentives, and support flexible working hours

So, if you’re a data scientist, software engineer (front-end, backend, devops, any of it), or systems engineer, that resonates with the above, we’d love to hear from you. Please find one of our current jobs that seems most applicable to you, and submit your resume! While there’s a lot of spots shown currently, don’t worry about picking exactly the right one – find one that’s close to your interests and background, and let’s take it from there!