GA-CCRi Analytical Development Services

Anthony Fox

Chief Technology Officer

Anthony Fox Anthony Fox has 20 years of experience in data science, machine learning, and distributed systems development that inform his strategic vision for GA-CCRi. At GA-CCRi, he started out developing geo-temporal predictive models of events. From there, he spearheaded the development of open-source tools for managing and analyzing high volume geo-temporal data. He has served as the architect of low latency tracking analytics in both the air and maritime domains that fuse disparate data sources into a single picture that gives decision makers near-real-time situational awareness. As CTO, Anthony sets the direction of GA-CCRi in terms of mission domain as well as technology evolution.

Anthony received his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a dual major in Mathematics from the University of Virginia. He received his Masters of Engineering from the Systems and Information Engineering Department at UVa. Anthony’s goal is to write at least one line of code everyday, even if that translates to just a reasonably complex shell incantation.