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No Flo, We Won’t Go

Summer finally wound down and crept very slowly into fall. And, boy, so far it’s been a wet one! The majority of days in September experienced everything from mild mist to heavy downfalls as one storm system after another moved through our area. Hurricane/TS Florence initially caused us some concern as we feared for potential water damage, but we dodged a big bullet. No matter. The good folks of GA-CCRi will not be deterred from enjoying life and having fun. Here’s what we’ve been up to during the late summer/early fall of 2018.

Ice Cream Truck!

We got a pleasant surprise in mid-August as an ice cream truck rolled into our back parking lot and opened up for business. Nothing beats the doldrums of August like some sweet, creamy ice cream, especially when it’s waiting for you right outside your office window (while the inane music plays its continuous loop).

Boys & Girls Club Symposium

GA-CCRi cyclists take the annual Boys & Girls Club Cycling Challenge pretty seriously and that extends to fund-raising for the organization. In addition to some sponsored pancake breakfasts and ice cream treats, Andrew H, Jordan and Mary decided to throw a money-making symposium to rake in even more cash via voluntary contributions in exchange for delicious brats, chips and Jordan’s own handmade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. A fun time for a good cause.

All Hands

It’s September, and that means it’s time for another BIG company meeting where we all get together to review our past accomplishments and carve out where we want to go in the future. This year our Core Values were fine tuned even more, promising lots of solid growth and continued work doing cool things that make our customers happy.

Fall Picnic

Immediately after our All Hands meeting we headed straight to Pen Park. An advanced crew arrived early to get the grills fired up and sizzling with brats, chicken, fish and Philly Cheese-steaks. A big shout out to Andrew H, Jordan and Eric N for their involvement in the cooking operations, and to Louis for his very generous contribution of meats and seafood. (Not to mention his world-famous multi-layer bean dip!) This year Joseph was the sole contributor to the brewing endeavor, thus securing himself as the first place champion straight across the board. His brews included a delicious “clean, malty” Oktoberfest  lager with a 6.4% ABV. He also produced a sour beer (4.5% ABV) and even tried his hand at sake (15% ABV), which he claimed “tastes like rice”. Thanks, as always, for sharing your brews with us!

Boys & Girls Clubs Cycling Challenge

This year bad weather (the aforementioned Hurricane/TS Florence) pushed the annual bike ride out a week, and shortened the ride offerings to the 50 mile, the 25 mile and the 11 mile family ride (the 100 and 75 mile rides were omitted). Turnout was lighter than in previous years, but that didn’t stop the GA-CCRi faithful from showing up and getting on their bikes, despite the drizzle. We raised $1270 for the kids. And Cory E’s daughter Lyla was the big winner in the personal fund-raising department, bringing in $230 for the cause!


And the trivia team is getting its groove back! After a long summer slump and spotty attendance, the wind is back in our sails and we are racking up the victories. We added some newbies like Cory, Zach, Will and Cole to our fold, and look forward to a long series of fall and winter winnings.

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