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Life and People at GA-CCRi

Spring is in the air, and once again it’s time for our semi-annual Brew Fest and Picnic in McIntire Park. But wait! The clouds are darkening, and the threat of rain looms large. No matter. GA-CCRi employees are quick to adapt to change when needed. Why get stuck under a cold, damp park shelter, when GA-CCRi World Headquarters will suffice? After deftly assembling the necessary grilling equipment in the back parking lot, we were off and running. Potluck treats appeared in rapid succession. The party was underway….

Last December each employee was given a corporate gift of money to spend in anyway they chose. The only caveat was that the purchase had to be for GA-CCRi use. Some of the more interesting choices was an Oculus Rift and a 3D printer. Several people joined forces to purchase a kegerator. Clearly, a gift that keeps on giving. Donations for refills are made monthly, or as needed. This is a welcome supplement to the ongoing production of homebrews, and ensures that our weekly Friday Symposiums always include fermented refreshment.

That’s the environment here at GA-CCRi. Friendly and collaborative; hard working, yet relaxed. We have fun, interesting projects that challenge and inspire us to solve problems that no one else can. And along with doing our best work, we also like to set aside time to appreciate the spring season, and share food and home crafted beer.

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