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GA-CCRi’s Outsize Performance in the National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge

  • encourages people to ride bicycles by
    • offering prizes
    • showing leaderboards
    • registering teams, schools or workplaces
  • promotes cycling in America

How it all started…

Sometime at the beginning of this summer, Frank Deviney told me about the National Bike Challenge, but his words fell upon deaf ears. Frank had been logging his miles for many weeks by mid August with his e-bike (which is allowed by the challenge) when I decided I could use the motivation to cycle and decided to register. After a few days Frank told me that if we registered a GA-CCRi workplace we would be able to outpace two other avid riders from rival Charlottesville companies (rivals in the cycling space). His prediction was correct – soon we were dominating the Charlottesville leaderboard.

We then started looking at the Virginia and national leaderboards and realized our potential to climb even further if the people that were already riding started logging miles. But then that wasn’t enough and we needed more riders… One rider riding one mile in one day nets 21 points – 1 point per mile and 20 points for having cycling at least one mile in a day. So all it takes to do well is to have a lot of people ride at least one mile almost every day.

What started out as friendly, motivational emails or messages about the competition in chat culminated in bringing my bicycle out during symposium in order to shanghai would-be symposers. The pack mentality easily brought about an irresistible level of peer pressure.

September 3rd – Our Most Glorious Moment


We were 2nd in the nation among medium-sized companies for the month of September that had elapsed at that point (3 days).
We were walking with giants, right below the Toole Design Group that designed the cycling infrastructure in Charlottesville.


Final Stats


21st in nation for medium-sized companies (10-99 employees) during September

5th in VA during September

1st in Cville for duration of challenge


GA-CCRi Cyclo-Analysis

I used the centroid clustering method on 16 cyclist vectors containing two variables, Points and Days Ridden.

Dendogram generated by –
Wessa, P. (2015), Free Statistics Software, Office for Research Development and Education,
version 1.1.23-r7, URL

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