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GA-CCRi Semi-Annual Brewfest

GA-CCRi is not only a fun place to work, it’s also a great place to have fun. One of the perks is enjoying the fermented treats of our creative brewers. Hunter Provyn brought in a keg of his own “Childe of Stingo,” the offspring of the classic English strong ale, brewed with oak chips and partially soured. Jereme Kessinger treated us to several bottles of his Cherry Belgian Dark Strong, where the cherry flavor created a distinct, yet still subtle balance of flavor. There was no subtly, however, in Joseph Featherson’s uber-spicy ginger beer! Stay home and drink your wimpy Canada Dry ginger ale if you can’t stand the heat–this is for real ginger lovers.

Friends and loved ones also came to the party, which included lots of yummy potluck, as well selections from the grill for both carnivore and vegetarian. Another Brew Fest is planned for this fall, in addition to our weekly Friday Symposium, where there is never a shortage of new and/or exotic home brews. Amazing things can happen with fermented grain, but if all else fails, there will always be bottles available from local breweries, or the local corner store.

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