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GA-CCRi Oktoberfest

Grey skies and persistent drizzle did nothing to deter the GA-CCRi faithful from participating in their traditional Ocktoberfest in McIntire Park.

Andrew Hulbert, with later assistance from Charles’s Ott and Gibson (C²), dutifully manned the grill, producing the afternoon’s seared meats (generously donated by Carsten Clark) for all to enjoy. Later, Andrew, with scholarly seriousness, waxed poetic on the intricacies of Southern Barbeque and the delicate Art of Grilled Meats. In the meantime, Kyle Stamper, stalwart Lunch Hero, elevated himself to Lord of Fire, deftly assembling fractionated logs into a roaring blaze in no time, thus adding much needed heat and light to our cavernous shelter.

Now, as to the serious (or not) business of home brewing…

Jereme Kessinger, our Gentleman Brewer of the Red Ale produced, of course, a Red Ale. Do not be deceived, however, by the simple name. A perfect balance of malt (chocolate and caramel) and hops combined beautifully for a wonderful sipping ale. Equally wonderful and delicious was Hunter Provyn’s “German Mercenary”, brewed in the classic Oktoberfest style. It was the go-to beer of the evening, enjoyed by many. Hunter, aka the “Clown Prince of Beer”,  and our very own Master of Ceremonies, also shared a truly delicious Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale aptly named, at 8.7% ABV, the “Dangerous Horseman.” The distinct bourbon taste (from oak chips soaked in Makers Mark) was clearly present, and hinted at the danger therein.

We have come to expect deliciousness from Joseph Featherston, and are never disappointed. He presented “Welcome to Cider Town”, a wonderful apple, cherry, pomegranate cider that carried a kick at 8-9% ABV.

And we all know that beer goes well with Mexican food. But so does Horchata, that tasty rice milk beverage made with sugar and cinnamon, found at many classic Mexican restaurants. Well, why not combine the two? That’s exactly what Jake Kenneally did with his “I Think Ur a Contra” Cinnamon Horchata Ale. Matt Williams also decided to kick a classic, in this case a chocolate stout, up a notch with the yummy addition of peanut butter.

And while other brews took weeks to ripen into maturity, Don Rude managed to produce a delicious beverage in only a couple of days. Chicha, popular in Central and South America, is made of fermented corn, and was refreshingly light and mildly sweet. If only dissertations were as easy…

The dormancy of impending winter will surely sow the seeds of creativity for our spring beer fest next April. We impatiently await the tasting of remade classics and newfangled fermented delights.

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