GA-CCRi Analytical Development Services

Vivek Dhand

Director of Data Science and Data Engineering

Vivek DhandVivek Dhand uses his background in pure mathematics to address complex real-world problems. At GA-CCRi, he has led and contributed to several applied research projects involving natural language processing, multi-INT data fusion, entity resolution, high-dimensional clustering, and computer vision.

As Director of Data Science, Vivek leads a collaborative community of researchers that tackle difficult and interesting problems together and seek to have a positive impact on the world. Data scientists at GA-CCRi recognize their ethical obligations and strive to develop algorithms, systems, and technologies with transparency and accountability, in order to minimize bias and protect individual privacy.

Vivek received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Northwestern University and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University, teaching undergraduates and doing research at the interface of representation theory and algebraic combinatorics. He loves all things mathematical, especially visualizations, and can often be found talking about math with other folks at GA-CCRi.