GA-CCRi Analytical Development Services

Jim Hughes

Director of Open Source Programs

Jim HughesAs Jim Hughes applies training in mathematics and computer science to build distributed, scalable system capable of supporting data science and machine learning. He is a core committer for GeoMesa, which leverages HBase, Accumulo and other distributed database systems to provide distributed computation and query capabilities. He is also a committer for the LocationTech projects JTS and SFCurve and serves a mentor for other LocationTech and Eclipse projects. He serves on the LocationTech Project Management Committee and Steering Committee. Through work with LocationTech and OSGeo projects like GeoTools and GeoServer, he works to build end-to-end solutions for big spatio-temporal problems.

Jim received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Virginia for work studying algebraic topology. He enjoys playing outdoors and swing dancing.