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CCRi 2016 Spring Brewfest

Over the past couple of years GA-CCRi has experienced incredible growth. So much so that our employee population has more than doubled. Add family and SO’s, and you have the makings for quite a big turn out under our trusty Shelter #2 in McIntire Park. And after weeks of daily rain fall, Mother Nature cut us some slack and came through with sunny skies and gloriously perfect temperatures.

The ballot box from last fall was dusted off and brought back into service to assess the impressive array of fermented beverages, including a welcome new addition of homemade red wine. Don Rude tried his hand with a couple of ales. One, a classic English bitter he named “Brood Bitter”, which at 3.30% ABV made for a nice session ale. Don also produced a more hoppy hybrid amber ale with a slightly higher ABV (4.20%) named “Wicked Wheaton Ale: Inception”. Joseph Featherston swung the brewing pendulum (so to speak) in two different directions creating an English brown ale (5% ABV) he named “Bobby Brown”, made with fellow employee Bob Klepfer’s home malted barley. Joseph also put on his monk robes to produce a Belgian quadrupel from a Westvleteren 12 clone recipe that he named “The Pious”. There was nothing pious, however, about the ABV which clocked in at a whopping 10.50%. Bob DuCharme took time away from regular local gigs playing the upright bass to throw the traditional brewfest a little curve. He submitted a homemade Malbec wine called “Latent Variable Red” that was rich, fruit-forward, and carried a light sweetness. And finally, Andrew Hulbert teamed up with neophyte brewer Josh Malina (under the watchful tutelage of master brewer and prior champion Hunter Provyn) to produce a “beery” American IPA hysterically (and with appropriate political timeliness) named “Make America Drunk Again.” MADA was the clear winner of the day, but each entry was deeply enjoyed and repeatedly appreciated.

Here are some of the faces and moments from this fun afternoon.

Let’s get that grill started!
The food starts showing up…
Many people arrive on bicycle.
The party is underway!
A face painter and balloon artist created fun for all the kids
Taryn makes sure Ellary is fashionably attiredTION
Meeting new people and making some new friends

GA-CCRi has a nice mix of long-time personnel, those who have been here a few years, and some nearly brand-new faces. The following gallery is a sampling of just a few of the many people who make working at GA-CCRi a creative and interesting place.

Kyle provides project management for some of our commercial endeavors (and free hard boiled eggs–just stop by his office).
Malcolm moved here from Michigan last year.
Audrey, one of our newest employees, brings her UI/UX skills to the team.
Mary always has a cheerful smile for everyone.
Matt is earnest about his role as a senior software engineer.
Jake began his career at GA-CCRi several years ago as a summer intern.
Kevin moved here in January from Ohio.
Kolia proudly shows off the second addition to his family
Josh was thrilled with his first brewing success
Matt is amazed at Alan’s two-handed drinking ability
1440 better than 1413? No way says Jake P.
Joseph plans his next amazing recipe or homebrew.
Don has just said something funny to Addie.
Kyle is cross that there are no hard boiled eggs on the grill.
Thomas wonders how long he can hold that hard boiled egg in his mouth
Andrew H. wants barbecue 24/7. No eggs.

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